Dj Afro Lands Advertising Deal with Netflix

Popular Kenyan movie commentator, Dj Afro has landed an advertising deal with Netflix.

In an advert for the Netflix Free Plan, Dj Afro does what he does best, narrating a Sci-fi movie; Thunder Force, available on the streaming platform.

About Dj Afro

James Mwangi, popularly known as Dj Afro is famous for his movie commentary skills.

The popular film fanatic has a big part of the Kenyan film industry, translating English and Hindu Film to Swahili and Kikuyu.

His witty, fast-paced translation and commentary is sure to keep you glued to the screen.

KOT Impressed by Dj Afro’s Netflix Advert

The Netflix Advert has been positively received.

A user on Twitter suggesting for a segment exclusively for Dj Afro’s content.

Billy The GOAT Tweeted;

Dj Afro did what he does best and remained consistent and Netflix noticed him… Sometimes you don’t have to adapt to the world, sometimes the world has to adapt to you.

In response to the Advert, Michael Ndonye expressed his love for the narrator’s gigs and creativity.

Netflix in Kenya

For the last few weeks, Netflix has made a notable effort to tap into the Kenyan market, launching a free Mobile Plan, and adverts geared towards the Kenyan market.