Dispel The Midweek Gloom With This Multi-genre Kenyan Playlist

Midweek gloom is probably engulfing your life right now. Meetings, work calls, interviews, chores, and basically, life could be taking a toll. However, KV has curated the perfect multi-genre Kenyan playlist to get you through:

Here With Me – Karun

Here With Me is one of the most loved in Karun’s EP Catch a Vibe. The composition of this song is packed with intricate harmonies, heartfelt lyrics, smooth instrumentals, and of course Karun’s lovely voice. It is perfect for the morning commute to work.

Dream Ya Kutoka Kwa Block – Buruklyn Boyz

What is a Kenyan playlist without a Drill Banger? This jam is the perfect encouragement for everyone on the grind or working hard to get a better life. Unlike their usual songs, Burukyln Boyz went a little soft and spiritual here and it paid off.

Vaccine – Fena Gitu

Fena’s Vaccine is a whole vibe. The track boasts of having a unique Afrobeat-Dancehall sound that will have you up on your feet. Don’t you wanna dance the midweek blues away? Additionally, it has a bonus live version in Fena’s EP Black and Gold. So do you want the original or the live version? Both are really good. Tough choices…

Tukawake – K-Rupt

It is not the weekend yet but still….Representing the TBT slot in our playlist is the legendary K-rupt’s hit Tukawake. A trip down memory lane to celebrate legends as we get through the midweek blues.

Jali – Sanaipei & Nyashinski

Not that we hope you argue with your significant other but Jali is a masterpiece that deserves a slot in this playlist. In this track, Sanaipei, is a jilted lover accusing her lover (Nyashinski). The lyrics spew emotion, and chemistry and narrate the story well.

Freshi Barida – Stivo Simple Boy

Freshi Barida is without a doubt a very catchy song. So catchy that we can’t fail to add it to our playlist. Wakenya mko aje? Freshi Barida….

Brown Skin Girl – Ivlyn Mutua

Just like every other good playlist, ours has a cover too. Ivlyn Mutua flaunts her vocals in this song and we stan! Furthermore, the Reggaeton instrumental and her additional lyrics add a delightful and creative twist to the cover. Beyonce would definitely be so proud to hear this.

Jealousy- Nviiri Ft Darassa

For the international collaboration, we have Nviiri’s song with Tanzanian rapper Darassa. The instrumental’s distinct Spanish guitar and bass provide the perfect base for Nviiri’s melodious sound and Darassa’s lyrical spins.

Can’t Get Enough – Maya Amolo

Wrapping it up is Maya Amolo’s Can’t Get Enough. This song is pure RnB goodness. Clearly, Maya is not scared to showcase her vocals in this song and even adds a twist with a little rap in between.

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