Did Bien Just Crown Nyashinksi As The Best Rapper In KE?

Sauti Sol’s Bien, in the latest CTA episode, made a remark that probably got a lot of reaction than he intended.

The lead singer while speaking about Kenyan music revealed that rapper Nyashinski is the best Kenyans have seen so far.

“I think Nyash is the best Kenyan MC I have ever heard,” said Bien.

“When I listen to how he raps, his cadences, choice of words and poetry. He is prophetic and his music timeless.”

We all know how much it means for Kenyan rappers to be called the best. For years all popular rappers have yearned to be crowned as the best in our industry and Bien’s comments might have just brought back that conversation.

Bien added that he likes Nyashinski because he’s local, otherwise, American rapper J cole would have been his favorite.

“He ticks all the boxes of where I place J Cole. I prefer Nyashinski because he is more relatable,” he said.

Bien also went on to say that he has worked with Nyash the most. Only Sauti Sol come closer.

“Other than Sauti Sol, Nyashinski comes second when it comes to the collaborations I have done,” he added.

Watch him speak below:

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