Diana Marua’s Youtube Channel Hacked With Over 600k Subbies

Controversial musician and youtuber Diana Marua has found herself in quite the conundrum after her prestigious youtube channel with well over 600,000 subscribers has been hacked.

The account was reported hacked before the hackers changed the name of the account and eventually deleted it all-together.

Taking to her social media pages a few hours ago, a distraught Marua announced the heartbreaking news to her fans promising to find a solution ASAP.

” I have Lived at Peace with Everyone and I have always Stayed on My Lane; I Don’t Know Why anyone Would do this to Me! You Hack My YouTube Account; Change the Name and Even Worse You Delete it 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 Fam,We Shall be Back Soon Stay Strong Team Diana. We Trust and Give Glory to God for Everything 🙏 My Management & NGOMMA VAS has Started the Process of Contacting The YouTube Team to have this Sorted! Nawapenda ,” she wrote.

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Having a Youtube account with that many subscribers and viewership is termed as gold in today’s social media currency. To put things into perspective, the biggest celebrity channels on the video streaming app are Churchill Show and Otile Brown each with over a million subscribers.

Diana Marua’s channel was one of the fastest rising channels by a Kenyan, after starting it a little over two years ago.

Her news has attracted a lot of sympathy from her friends, fans as well as fellow celebs.

“Ish ,Not a good feeling at all ,this streets are wired, you be working your Ass out to pull yourself up and someone else is working their Ass out to see you fail ! Ahhh ,sometimes this world is not fair at all . Wish people knew what it costs to build a brand , pole MoMA itarudi,” wrote Akothee.

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This hack comes a few weeks after her very public spat with Willy Paul over rape allegations she made in a video which she was forced to pull down by the court.

“It is hereby ordered that the defendant/respondent’s video and social media post posted on her YouTube channel titled ‘My untold story, Willy Paul attempted to rape me’, be pulled down pending the hearing and determination of this suit as it is prejudicing the plaintiff/applicant and making him lose business opportunities and making him suffer health-wise.

“That the defendant/respondent herein either by herself, her servants, agents, assigns or any other person spreading the video circulating the same is hereby restrained by an interim injunctive order of the court from defaming, spreading and continuing to defame the plaintiff/applicant pending the hearing and determination of the suit,” read the magistrate’s orders.

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