Diamond Shows Bien Love, Declares Inauma His Favorite Song By The Sauti Sol Vocalist

It’s not every day music Icons acknowledge each other’s talent, but East African legends have been showing each other love.

Recently Diamond showed love to Bien, declaring the singer his favorite Kenyan artist.

“Bien from Sauti Sol is my favorite Kenyan Artist.” Diamond

Diamond who was singing along to the singer’s hit song ‘Inauma’ said that’s his favorite song from the Sauti Sol vocalist. 

“That’s my favorite song from Bien.” Said Diamond, adding ….

“Bien from Sauti Sol is my favorite Kenyan artist.”

Bien, who has been receiving lots of love since the group decided to focus on solo projects ahead of a joint album release, was also recently acknowledged by Tanzanian singer Harmonize.

In an Instagram post, Harmonize declared him the biggest artist in Kenya, writing “Bien Aime is the biggest Artist in Tanzania.”

The singer has released other hit singles outside of his group including Mbwe Mbwe, Dimension, No Body as well as My Baby featuring Arya Starr.