Desperate Housewives Africa Set to Premiere

It’s official: Desperate Housewives, the multiple award-winning ABC series, is coming to Africa. Better yet, Kenyan actress Nini Wacera will star in it.

Development of the African chapter began in 2014 and last week, under the hashtag #homegrown, Africa’s only global media network EbonyLife TV announced that the first season is set to launch later this month.

Wacera (third to the left) will be portraying Ese De Souza.

Wacera (third to the left) will be portraying Ese De Souza.

Wacera will star alongside Nigerian actress Omotu Bissong, former TV presenter Michelle Dede, U.S.-based Nigerian actress Linda Osifo and award-winning Nigerian model Kehinde Bankole, among others.

“Wacera portrays Ese De Souza, a housewife who struggles with maintaining the perfect family,” reads a description of Wacera’s character on EbonyLife’s website. “But will her outward impression of perfection successfully mask the disturbing dysfunction in her household?”

The first season will premiere on April 30, so remember to keep your eyes open. We sure will.

Originally from Sweden, Chris is a journalist with an extensive interest for African culture and the arts.