Desiigner And Bas On What To Expect At The Jameson Connects Kenya 2018

The main headlining acts for the Jameson Connects Kenya 2018 concert are in the country. And this morning,  the superstars had an interactive session with journalists about the concert, other interesting conversations on topics ranging from the rap industry, upbringing, messages behind some of their hit songs and their thoughts about Kenya so far.

Bas arrived first where the audience had a light moment with him teaching him how to respond to “Karibu” which means welcome in Swahili. When Desiigner entered the room he happily greeted the audience with his signature “Raaaa!” sound.

Check out the Q&A below:

Collaborations while in Kenya.

“That would definitely be a move for me. I have always seen myself going international and working with artists all over the world.” Desiigner.

“One of my biggest musical influences has been my travels, going to different places and hearing new sounds and new artists and especially right now there’s a cultural renaissance in Africa.” Bas

What to expect from their performances

“It’s going to be crazy! Expect a party. I am bringing people on stage. We’ll Turn UP!” Desiigner

 Being in Kenya

“My parents being from Sudan, I feel at home here in Kenya. I appreciate you guys and Jameson for all the hospitality and I am ready to rock tomorrow” Bas

“Being here is everything. This is my first time, and when I got off the plane I kissed the ground to embrace it all and feel the energy. I am definitely going to come back!” Desiigner

Jameson Connects Kenya have over the years used their platform to showcase both local and international acts in an event that also celebrates other aspects of the Kenyan lifestyle and creative scene. The Pernod Ricard Managing Director for Kenya and East Africa Mr. Predrag Amidzic who was also at the press conference shared how proud he is to see what the concerts have become in Kenya – which has been more about giving back to the people through music and the brand motto of conviviality.

The event is happening tomorrow, December 8th at The Waterfront in Karen.




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