Demonstrations Outside Octopizzo’s House, Victim’s Brother Claims Statement are Contradicting

There was small demonstration outside Octopizzo’s house in Woodly Estate on Monday 21, as people demanded justice for a Strathmore student who died last week.

Octopizzo is at the center of the drama following the death of Kenneth Abom who died after jumping off fourth floor of their apartment in Nairobi’s Woodley Estate on Thursday after a spat with the rapper.

The family of the 19-year-old ICT student blamed musician Octopizzo, saying he had before the suicide, assaulted the teenager who was passionate about music and had gone to his house.

“By the time he came back into the house, he was disoriented and even talking to himself. Octopizzo was again seen by neighbours carrying a panga and threatened to use it on Kenneth,” said Kenneth’s big brother, Anthony Abom, while speaking to The Star newspaper. 

Octopizzo, however, has maintained that he wasn’t involved in the kid’s death. Some Neighbours said that they saw Octopizzo chase Kenneth away with a Panga.

The rapper told the media that he was alone in his bedroom when he saw the boy enter through the main door. He said he asked him who he was but the boy kept quiet.

“I chased him out of the house and neighbours identified him. Actually, his father was the first person I talked to after the incident. I did not know why he came to my house. An hour later, we heard that the boy dropped from the fourth floor,” Octopizzo told Daily Nation.

During the confrontation, Octopizzo’s sister was at the house. Anthony accused her of giving two different statements regarding the incident.

Octopizzo’s sister is giving two contradicting stories. She is saying she let Kenneth in and in another statement, she says he knocked the door and pushed her in.” he said in the interview.

“We can only get the right information from Kenneth, but unfortunately, he is dead. And from Octopizzo, but he is turning out to be arrogant and rude.”

A post-mortem on his body showed that he had multiple fractures on his limbs, abdomen and head.​

The family is also accusing the rapper of being arrogant and hasn’t been collaborating to help solve the murder.

“On Saturday I went to the hospital and requested to get the explanation from Octopizzo but he did not want to do it freely. We have even reached out to his management but he is arrogant, saying that Ken stormed into his house.” said Anthony. 

The Directorate of Criminal Investigations, (DCI) detectives on Monday interrogated a number of people after the death.

Witnesses who spoke to Daily Nation on Monday also said that Octopizzo wasn’t behind the death. He just kicked the boy out from his house — which he has barely stayed in for two weeks– and asked neighbours do identify him.

“We heard the scuffle when Octopizzo was holding him outside the gate. The rapper was calling neighbours to help him identify the man, because he thought he was a thief,” Ruth Wanjira, a neighbour,

“One hour later, we heard someone screaming from a house located on the fourth floor of an apartment located 500 metres from Octopizzo’s house. The boy had jumped from the bathroom window. Octopizzo was not in their home,” another neighbour said.

Through the hashtag #JusticeForComrades, university students on Tuesday pressured the government to investigate on Kenneth’s and other student murder cases that remain unresolved.

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