Delve Into IMA’s EP, “Therapy.”

“Therapy” is the latest release by Kenyan singer-songwriter IMA. It stands as a genre-blending EP masterpiece, consisting of five tracks. These are – Insecure, Drunk, Do It So Well, Expectations, and Yo Momma’s Son. Despite merging genres such as Afrobeats, R&B, and an unexpected reggae twist, IMA delivers a cohesive music collection worth a slot in your playlist.


In addition to the diverse genre offering, IMA’s sultry vocals shine through the tracks as she passionately conveys her message. Thematically, the EP tackles issues around love and relationships such as feelings, heartbreak, infidelity, and insecurities, making it a must-listen for those who love, love. She describes “Therapy” in three words – authentic, raw, and mature and it lives up to this. Each track, written and performed by IMA, contributes to a sonic journey that mirrors the intricate emotions she has navigated in relationships, captivating her listeners.

IMA on “Therapy”

“It took me a while to realize and accept that I’m a lover of love, but when it was someone else’s story, not mine. For me, I’ve seen love through the lens of fear more than faith. It manifested in my relationships, where I was always anxious about the other person’s thoughts on the relationship, leading me to overthink myself into emotional unavailability. I had to stay on guard! Despite considering myself intuitive, I would immediately notice signs of trouble—unmade promises, dwindling dates—and jump ship quickly.” Says IMA.


Entirely produced in Kenya, Therapy showcases the talents of three exceptional producers: JopeeBeat, Kobby Worldwide, and Ken Music. Furthermore, this EP represents a significant milestone in her career, highlighting her artistic growth and versatility. It also serves as a preview of her ever-evolving artistry, offering a taste of what’s to come as she continues to push the boundaries of her craft. “Therapy” is available for listening on your favorite digital streaming platforms.

Since bursting into the scene three years ago, IMA has been actively performing and releasing music. She has graced stages such as Kike, The Jam, and Usanii to mention a few. IMA released her first single Grown in 2020 after going solo from her group MICE. After that, she released singles such as “Khusubila,” “Don’t Complicate It,” and “Heaven.”

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