Meet The Youngsters Behind Deliverus Online Supermarkets

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At a time where shopping in the supermarket has become such a hustle in Kenya, a group of young innovative students decided to simplify the process through an online app, which offers supermarkets shopping convenience. The app, Deliverus, links customers to supermarkets’ inventories where goods can be ordered within a two-kilometer radius and delivered in thirty minutes approximately.

Cyril Muchino, the Marketing Manager, gives KV some insight around the business.

How was the idea born?

Before Deliverus, all of us were part of a volunteer organization called I-Street Heart Kenya. We would visit homes, offer donations and mentorship to kids. It was while on one of such visits that we happened to come across a home that had 500 kids despite its capacity to handle 300. Around 200 of them were over 18 years but hadn’t had the opportunity to move out due to inability to find self-sustaining jobs. Deliverus, therefore, came about as an idea to generate sustainable income for such people.

Tell us about the team:

We are a team of seven students, each from different universities; Kelvin Ogwa (Multimedia University), George Muriithi (University of Nairobi), Ngoiri Migwi (University of Nairobi), Francis Wahome (African Leadership University Business School), Margaret Karaba (Whitman College), Don Murori (Yale University) and Cyril Muchino (Wharton School of Business- University of Pennsylvania).

Is it hard working together, seeing that you’re all in different schools?

It is most definitely hard but we have incorporated project management systems which help in governing people. We also have an online system that keeps everyone updated and manages tasks. The biggest tool to overcoming this challenge has always been communication. We also ensure we always have at least some people on the ground to do the actual work. It’s tough but we work around it.

What other challenges have you faced so far?

Our biggest challenge has been recruiting experienced personnel. Being a start-up company in its runway period, we are not in a position to offer salaries that would attract the highly experienced individual especially in fields such as business strategies, finance or marketing. Hence, we try to bag down manpower to what we can afford, and thus most of us have had to take up learning from scratch all the way to market level expertise. Most of us are now taking gap years to concentrate on Deliverus. On top of that, the team is small and as such we have to handle massive workload.

How has the reception been so far?

The reception has been very positive so far. It is quite encouraging when once in a while our fans drop questions on our social media pages to inquire about the advancements.

What next for you guys?

We recently had our launch on 15th September in our activation area, Adam’s Arcade. We’ll be scaling up to the rest of Nairobi in January 2018. We are also in a serious investment acquisition phase as we hope to raise funds for our January scale-up.


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