December Hacks! Saving Tricks That Will Get You Through December

With December here with us in full swing, most of us tend to be thrown into a festive mood and end up forgetting ourselves.

Then come January we are left running around trying to pull things together all because we ruined our finances in December.

Below are hacks that will guide you on how you can avoid going beyond your budget while celebrating this festive season.

Have a budget always

We have said this so many times and we won’t stop any time soon. Let no holiday catch you without a budget.

A budget helps control wastage and unnecessary spending.

Gauge how much you can afford to spend on flights, accommodation, souvenirs, food and so on. Make a cost breakdown so that it can act as your check and balance when you’re finally cruising on your holiday.

Avoid staying in hotels

Staying in hotels and Airbnbs eats a big chunk of your money. Instead, stay with friends and family in the area you are visiting. If not, try and book outside hot zones where everyone is staying.

Carry Cash

Drop Mpesa and credit cards during the festive season.

Having cash that will take care of the small, recurring spending and will save you a lot. Have something in Mpesa or bank in case of emergencies but ensure you carry around cash to avoid wasting money inform of transaction fees.

Carry the essentials

Pack everything you really need especially the small stuffs that don’t need a lot of space. Chargers, universal adaptors and medications etc. Don’t go around buying things that you have left at home that you would have easily carried.

Try an “Off Season” getaway destination

Go where many aren’t going for the holidays. This will save you a ton of money. Avoid the coastal region where everybody goes for the December holidays. Instead, go to other smaller towns such as Kajiado where you can enjoy holiday and are currently at off-peak.

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