Debate On Nigeria And Tanzania Artists In Kenya Is Xenophobic – Bien Aimé Baraza

Recently Comedian Eric Omondi sparked a conversation on Artists from Nigeria, Tanzania and Jamaica performing in Kenya, while Kenyan artists get a shorthand of the stick, getting paid way less than their foreign counterparts.

In an interview on Mseto East Africa, Bien Aimé Baraza, one quarter of Sauti Sol has commented on the topic;

“That is scarcity mentality, no one has stopped you from going to make money in Nigeria.” He said.

Stop The Xenophobia

There has been an influx of artists from Jamaica, Tanzania and Nigeria in Kenyan events due to the lucrative pay.

Nigerian artist, Mr Eazi commented on the topic;

“East Africa is arguably the most receptive spot for music. No one is going to pay you $100,000 in Nigeria to do a show. But you can easily get that money by walking into Kenya.”

Bien too commented on the state of Kenyan music in a Capital Fm interview;

“Nobody is going to give Kenyan music the credit it deserves, we need to put in the work.” He said.

On the debate of other artists coming to perform in Kenya, Bien added the debate is Xenophobic.

“They are Africans like us, let them come here, let them make money.”

Bien speaks on African Unity

Africa is not about dividing us because we have borders.

“When these artists come to Kenya to perform, it’s an economic boost. There are people being paid, from event organizers, to sound techs.”

“There are so many variables in question that we benefit from.” He added.

Tax Foreign Artists Performing In Kenya

Bien added that all the artists coming from out of Kenya to perform should be taxed.

“KRA should tax the artists when they come to perform in Kenya, let the money be sent to ministry of Culture and be used in the Kenyan music industry.”