Dealing With Rejection: Ways To Handle With It

One of the most challenging emotions to handle is rejection. We have this innate desire to be approved of and accepted.

However, this isn’t always the case. Rejection is inevitable and this right here is a hard truth that needs to sink in.

How do you handle those many guaranteed moments of rejection throughout the course of life ;

Understand and accept that you won’t always be everyone’s cup of tea – people have different preferences and it’s okay if you are not one of them.

Quit the auditions – stop trying to fit in everyone’s category of likes, be you and the right people will gravitate towards you.

Live out your uniqueness – the beauty of your existence is in your uniqueness. There can only be one of you.

Be confident in yourself & your abilities – stop waiting for others to gas you up. Identify who you are and thrive at it.

Understand your identity – identity gives purpose and purpose gives reason. The sooner you get this right, the sooner other people’s opinions won’t matter much.

In conclusion, trust the process. Growth will come with some rejection. Shift your perspective on the same and look at the hidden opportunities within rejection.

Rejection is not bad for you, some of it is actually protection & preservation disguised as a lost opportunity.

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