“Staying Silent Was My Biggest Mistake,” Daddy Owen Opens Up About Battling Depression

Gospel singer Daddy Owen has been in the news for the better part of this month largely from his battle with depression the last three years.

The singer has opened up in several interviews now of how a series of mishaps, including a failed marriage, left him depressed and how he had to fight his way back with little support.

Owen recently appeared on Grace Msalame’s “Unscripted with Grace” which airs on NTV to speak about his mental health.

“We hear about depression every day but we just say this is a Western thing,” said Daddy Owen in the interview.

“I never knew I was depressed until I went for counseling. It had reached a point I felt like the walls are caving in. It became too much. I was crying alone. I started looking at life with no hope. I was feeling like I had no future like I was not important.”

Owen spoke about different topics that are all tied up to mental illness. He said that while many believe it might be only one thing, it’s actually a series of happenings.

Even with an ugly divorce case almost eclipsing his mental health awareness campaign, Owen still appeared on the show wearing his wedding ring and revealed that keeping quiet when things went south was one of his biggest mistakes.

“All things you go through affect your marriage,” said Owen.

“When your business is failing, will your marriage be affected? When you don’t have money, is it your marriage or not? It’s really hard to separate these things because when the two come together, it means you become one. Then everything around you becomes one.”

Watch the full interview below:

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