Cynthia Nyamai To Continue With 485Km Charity Walk Despite Fainting

Media personality Cynthia Nyamai has exhibited unwavering determination as she pushes through her charity walk, ‘488 For Kibera,’ from Nairobi to Mombasa, despite facing a challenging health setback.

Nyamai started the walk on December 1st, with the ambitious goal of covering the extensive distance to Mombasa, a journey spanning 485 kilometers.

The primary objective of the walk, dubbed ‘488 For Kibera,’ is to raise a substantial amount of 65 Million Ksh for the construction of a football stadium at Olympic Primary School.

“Today I suffered a heat stroke and fell. I lost my bearing for a few minutes but I’m grateful that I was not walking too close to the road,” she said.
“It felt strange losing control of my body but I saw the hand of God. Thank you so much for your prayers. It really makes a difference. Tomorrow we hit another 42 km to Kibwezi , we know He has gone ahead of you. You can send your donation to till 8126274.#488forKibra”

The presenter has committed herself to covering an impressive 40 kilometers every day, a feat that demands both physical and mental endurance. This arduous routine has led Nyamai to occasionally resort to roadside showers to cope with the physical strain.

Unfortunately, on the seventh day of her philanthropic journey, Nyamai succumbed to a heat stroke, causing her to lose consciousness. Instead of deterring her spirit, this incident has only fueled her resolve to press on with the mission, emphasizing the gravity of her commitment to the cause.

“6:20 am almost getting to 10km. We are looking to raise Sh66,680,000 to build a multipurpose pitch at Olympic Primary,” she said.

“The works involves construction of a football stadium facility complete with bleachers all round the pitch, teams changing for both boys and girls, ablution facilities for both girls and boys, stadium lighting, drainage facilities, anti-climb fencing around the pitch, complete marking of pitch to approval, pitch accessories including goal posts etc. Kindly escort me today as we complete another 40km!”

Despite facing health challenges, Nyamai remains undeterred, focusing on the overarching goal of raising funds for the construction of a football stadium at Olympic Primary School in Kibera.

The community-centric project aims to provide a platform for youth engagement and development through sports.

The ‘488 For Kibera’ charity walk has garnered widespread attention and support from well-wishers, and Nyamai’s determination to continue despite personal setbacks is inspiring others to contribute to the noble cause.

“If you see a woman showering in the middle of the road, kindly she’s not crazy. It’s just too hot in Mombasa and I have to cover 40km everyday. I have children in Kibra who must have a new pitch by end of December,” she added.

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