Curated Kenyan Playlist To Banish Midweek Boredom

Midweek is upon us and as you work on your targets and crazy deadlines, some good Kenyan music will go a long way in keeping your spirits up till the weekend. Check out our specially curated Midweek playlist:

Ukimwona – H_ART The Band

Off their debut Album Made in the Streets, this Afro-pop track is great choice. Its upbeat tempo will cheer you up while its amazing star studded music video will brighten your mood over lunch break.

Siogopi – Khaligraph Jones & Lamaz Span K.O.B

Produced by acclaimed music producer Motif, this jam is perfect to carry you through your fears. Khaligraph’s and Span’s bold lyrics could just help you get ready and confident for that dreaded presentation. They could as well get you through signing and submitting that resignation letter that you have always wanted to.

Wakati Wa Mungu – Paul Clement Ft Guardian Angel

Our playlist would be incomplete without a gospel song and Guardian Angel is the perfect choice as his music is not only entertaining but uplifting. This Kenya and Tanzania collaboration is great pick for those waiting upon a miracle and are looking for encouragement during tough times.

Achuu – Matata Ft STL Stella Mwangi

This track is all about kicking out bad vibes. Matata and STL will keep you positive and vibrant through the remainder of the week. And yes, the bars and music video are worth your time.

Pole – Swahili Nation

When was the last time you listened to this track? Can’t remember? I thought so too.

Tawala – Ben Cyco & Karwirwa Laura

This collaboration is more than uplifting. The vocal chemistry between the two singers will touch your soul and encourage you through that tough project too.

Niko Sawa – Nviiri the Storyteller Ft Bien

Off Nviiri’s latest EP Kitenge, this song is perfect for that work commute. It is catchy too and will have you singing through your week.

Ngumi Mbwegze – Mbogi Genje

A doze of Gengetone is good for your week and what better track to get you through your daily grind than this track?

Vimbada – Moji Shortbabaa & Jabidii

The energy in this song can light a fire. You could listen to it to power up your morning or even better, dance to this jam over your lunch break before a power afternoon work session.

GengeTone Sessions – Alternate Sound

Have a lot of repetitive data entry work that could get you sleepy. Just plug your ear phones and enjoy this beautiful mix, after all our playlist would be unfinished without a good mix.

Enjoy your week.

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