CS Joe Mucheru’s Warning To Artists Producing Controversial Content

ICT CS Joe Mucheru has issued a stern warning to artists and content creators who produce controversial content.

As captured in his statement, Mucheru said that artists producing and disseminating pornographic media will be arrested and prosecuted.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit the country artists resorted to using their online platforms to publish content considering that events and gatherings were put on hold.

According to Mucheru, some artists have been misusing the freedom to publish obscene content. He further emphasized that the government will be strict to ensure that content shared with the public will be regulated.

Speaking on Kenya Film’s Classification Board’s role in helping the government fight against pornographic content, the CS stated that the board is working closely with security agents to implement the laws that govern content production.

His statement comes after the arrest of comedian Eric Omondi who was found on the wrong side of the law over his controversial show ‘Wife material’.

Even amid the warnings that content creators risk being arrested over controversial content, KFCB which has been on the frontline to advocate for the production of clean content today unveiled a meditation team that will serve as an alternative dispute resolution to develop guidelines for self-regulation for Vloggers and other online content providers.

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