Cruise Travel Becoming More Popular In Kenya

Cruise Travel has grown significantly, locally, this is according to experts such as Nishma Shah who have recorded a rise in demand over the years. Holiday Bazaar who specialize in bespoke travel recently launched Cruise and Travel Planners which is the first flagship cruise shop targeting the Kenyan market. Whereas 20 years ago you would have around 20 people booking cruises from Kenya, currently the numbers have risen to over 1000 guests.

The company is taking advantage of this and has teamed up with 20 renowned cruise liners globally including Royal Caribbean and Crystal Cruises. Helen Beck Vice President, International Sales and Marketing from Crystal cruises and Thoyabah Ahmed Khan & Seymour Brugger, Sales & Marketing representatives from Royal Caribbean were at the launch event at Sarit Centre’s New Wing on Monday, July 29th.

Some of the popular routes with Kenyans include Mediterranean, Caribbean and around the Indian Ocean to exotic islands such as Seychelles and Mauritius. Your trip is likely to start in Dubai or another destination and not Mombasa because although the demand is high, the travelers from Kenya are not likely to fill the whole ship. The packages include return flights.  This could soon change as Kenya is building a 350-million-shilling world-class cruise ship terminal in Mombasa set to now be completed in November 2019.

Nishma Shah, of Holiday Bazaar noted “We see a huge demand for cruise tourism domestically. Kenyan travelers cannot get enough of the experience. With a 99.9% satisfaction guaranteed, it makes for an attractive holiday package regardless of age.”

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