#CrispyFresh: Brand New Music This Week

We are in the month of love and the new music keeps streaming in. Gengetone has taken a dip in terms of releases and fanatism across the city but we are here to see what takes over. Check out what’s hot and trendy this week.

Elani – Joto

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, East African powerhouse group Elani is back with the fourth single off of their sophomore album, “Colours of Love”. Joto talks about a time when people are willing to come together and commit to being with one another.

Ethic – Daktari

This new release from Ethic still sticks to their roots of street lingo and experience. With a Gengetone beat by Motif the don, the crew takes turn in sheng rap that will take you a few listens to understand. This jam cuts a 4/10 for me.

Chris Kaiga – Chain Chain

This guy gave us ‘Zimenice’ which is a certified club banger. Anyone having a drink will blurt out zimenice and now Chris has another phrase. This new record is simple, direct and easy to remember not forgetting the hard beat. This one scores 8/10 as he says ‘imeweza’.

Bahati & Boondocks Gang – Taniua

The biggest story in the music scene this week was how can a Gospel act collaborate with secular crews. I know the intended meaning was a positive message but we cannot just erase the stuff Boondocks gang sing about. The acts trend on the fence about having fun or living a holy life. Listen below and decipher.

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