Crispy New Music In The 254 Scene

We’re almost in mid-November and it seems artists were keeping records to themselves to release on the holiday season. We have some interesting releases this week. Let’s delve into them, shall we?

Juacali Feat Wyre- Vile Naskia

Juacali is a busy man but he never parks his music career to the side. We have been jamming to his last double drop, ‘Mwoto Sana’ and ‘Safsana’ in anticipation of his 4th Studio Album. Juacali just dropped ‘Vile Naskia’ and relied on his industry mate Wyre to lay the melodies to the hook while he goes in with lyrical stories. Rapping about a damsel, his eloquent and descriptive genge style stands out. Check out the jam below.

Naiboi Feat DJ Creme- I Wanna Be

2017 has seen Naiboi step up his work ethic and its evident by the number of projects he has out not forgetting features and his Pacho CEO positioning. The stand out character about Naiboi’s jams is the production aspect, a tropical bounce touch that gets his music a groove. ‘I Wanna Be’ just dropped and the groove on it is infectious. Dj Creme has the production credits while Naiboi lays his candid lines to woo the love of his life. Listen to it below.

Pro Feat Naiboi, Kristoff & The Kansoul- Kameshika Remix

The All-star remix Kameshika is interesting, different personalities gelling to make the overall sound of the jam top-notch. Pro has found his footing in the industry with his witty lines and laying bars on a Kapuka beat did the magic for this remix. His brother Kristoff stayed true to his style and stepped up hard on this. Mejja, Madtraxx and Kora repping The Kansoul were thrilling in their narrations of Kameshika while Naiboi has his signature sing-rap well laid out. Listen below and enjoy.

Vivian- Chingi Changa

Mainswitch recording artist Vivian is still putting out records of love whirlwind with the latest installment staying on the same. The new record highlights her point of view about lovers who frustrate with their selfish loving in playing mind games. The chorus is a sample while the beat is an absolute club bang. Listen below and give your opinion.

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