Crispy Fresh: What’s Buzzing In Kenyan Music This Week!

Welcome to another brand new month. I really have no recollection of how fast time has flown by. Here’s this week’s installation of hot new music, and we still shine the spotlight on all ends of the spectrum.

Redsan – Rio

You must be surprised that Redsan is still putting out music in 2019. The veteran is still signed to Sony Music Africa and this record –‘Rio’ was released by the label a few days ago. The video is shot in Rio Brazil showcasing the different cultural and lifestyle aspects. Redsan switches lingo to Spanish and the instrumental has some Spanish guitar influence. For me, it is a regular jam. I’d score it 5/10 as nothing stands out of it.

Timmy Tday Feat Rosa Ree – Kipopo

Hit-maker Timmy has crossed over Tanzanian border to settle for a hot collabo with Rosa Ree. The two stars with a high affinity for hit music have a Kapuka-dancehall influenced record that bangs on heavy sound. Timmy comes through with his Swahili hilarious lines while Rosa goes hard on the rap you’d doubt she is Tanzanian. (With all honesty she has lived in Kenya long enough hence the influence). This jam is a proper blast 8/10.

Gwaash Feat Retro, Mars & Young – Katambe

We emphasize that 2019 is the year of street lingo music takeover – some of you still doubt it. This crew gave usSponyo, ‘Toto Si Toto’, ‘Wabebe’ now back with ‘Katambe,’ and it is banging. Katambe means let’s get it on, or keep it going and the sheng rap describing hood chill is mind-blowing. I live for this jams as they have simple productions, hard-core rap, and crazy imagery. As we put you on, learn a word or two from this jam.

Willy Paul Feat Nandy – Hallelujah

Our favorite secular/gospel act is back again with a new song featuring secular songbird Nandy. The jam has nothing to do with the gospel but a descriptor of lust and erotic notions. The record has garnered over a million Youtube hits in a week, and people are still intrigued by Willy Paul’s antics. On the real tho, the jam slaps for a bedroom session no lie. I’d rate it 8/10.

I shoot to the moon because if i miss i land on stars. My Life is Now!! So come join me and we find out the next escapade.