Crispy Fresh! What’s Hot & Trendy In The 254 Music Scene

Crispy Fresh Friday vibers! May has been a good month for the 254 music scene as amazing tunes have been released during this period. As we wrap up the 5th month of 2022, below are the freshest and illness tunes of the week:

Decide – Nviiri The Storyteller & Bien

Sol Generation signees Nviiri and Bien team up once again. Their new banger Decide is a sensational song about decisiveness in settling for one lover.  While their previous hit Niko Sawa was the perfect dedication to an ex-lover, Decide is the ultimate choice to play during a marriage proposal ceremony.

Wanjapi 2 – UncoJingJong Ft Maandy, Breeder LW & Lil Maina

After numerous requests from fans, UncoJingJong has finally dropped a Wanjapi remix featuring Maandy, Breeder LW, and Lil Maina. From its fun lyrics to its catchy chorus to the vibrant music visuals and upbeat tempo, Wanjapi 2 passes the vibe check. Therefore, it is a certified hit!

Sweet Love – Bahati & Diana B

Sweet Love is Power couple Bahati & Diana B’s first official music collaboration. The song which is about their unique love story is accompanied by an immaculate and high-quality music video. Both Diana and Bahati take turns expressing their love for each other in the respective verses. Also, fans are clearly in love with this song and this is evident in the comments and streams.

A Minute – Matata

Matata charter into new territories with their new song A Minute. The track which has a heavy Dancehall base has a different sound from their usual Gengetrap sound. A Minute is not only very melodious but it will also have you up on your feet dancing.

Soko – Mbuzi Gang Ft Harry Craze, Unspoken Salaton & Vic West

Mbuzi Gang trio prove yet again that they are masters when it comes to making anthems. Soko is not only a catchy banger but it also has very hilarious yet thought-provoking lyrics. Additionally, the artists flaunt their respective lyrical flows which blend well. For those going back to the streets or Soko as many Kenyans call it, behold your official anthem!

Taxpayer – Katapillar Ft John Mo’re & Vintage

OdiNare Challenge winner Katapillar is back with a conscious song, Taxpayer. The song highlights the plight of the ordinary Kenyan who faces challenges such as unemployment, debt, inflation, and corruption among others. While Taxpayer is has a different sound from Katapillar’s typical HipHop sound, it definitely a timely song in the wake of the upcoming general election.

Kwa News – Kartelo, VDJ Jones & Lucci Kingpin

Lastly, comedian Kartelo flexes his musical muscle through his debut song Kwa News. The song is quite a surprise as she showcases his lyricism in collaboration with Lucci Kingpin. Furthermore, the infectious chorus and storytelling in the verses spice up this tune. Kwa News is now anthem number 2 on this list. This one is for the people who love their drinks.

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