Crispy Fresh! What’s Hot & Trendy In The 254 Music Scene

Crispy Fresh is the core business for us every Friday. We aim to please by saving you the hustle of looking for new Kenyan additions to your playlists. If you are in search of fire tunes to warm up your cold self in this July winter, below are the hottest and freshest bangers from the 254.

Sheree – Klones Melody & Miss P

Firstly is a party tune Sheree. Klones Melody and Miss P flaunt their vocals and songwriting skills in this new tune. Sheree’s infectious instrumental is so on point, that it makes me want to not only jam but get on my feet and shake away the July cold. Coupled with a very creative and colorful video, this tune deserves a slot in your favorite DJ’s club mix.

Drill Rhumba – Watendawili Ft Okello Max

Drill meets Rhumba n the new collaboration between duo Watendawili and Okello Max. The singers tread into unusual territories in this unorthodox blend of genres. Subsequently, the sound in Drill Rhumba is very refreshing as it is the epitome of bars and smooth vocals. This crispy fresh tune is a certified party banger.

Liet Ka Pas – Guardian Angel Ft Odero Jakasule

Guardian Angel is the king of versatility and he proves so in this collaboration with Odero Jakasule. Liet Ka Pas has a really catchy chorus and an emotional appeal in its verses. Furthermore, the verses are lined with beautiful harmonies and an upbeat instrumental that is a good accompaniment to a song about the Gospel of God.

Nairobi Pengz – Wangechi & Scar Mkadinali

Off their highly anticipated album Chonjo, Nairobi Pengz brings together 2 of Kenya’s most talented rappers Wangechi and Scar Mkadinali. Its easy instrumental compliments the heavy bars by 2 rappers who talk about the different types of women one will meet in Nairobi.

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