Crispy Fresh: What’s Hot In The 254 Music Space

We are closing out the second week of February in style musically speaking. We take a look at what’s hot and trendy in the music world as we shine a light on the new projects hitting the streets.

Band Beca- 1234

The girl band comprised of comprised of Caroline Kamweru and Becky Sangolo have flighted the year with this jam 1234 an Afro-Pop track that seeks to diversify their catalog. 1234 talks about the struggles of being in a relationship where the ladies can’t trust their men because of the now common infidelity that happens in relationships. The video brings to mind the retro vibe of girls in a club ignoring the scrubs. The intro to the song is not as great and does it a big disservice but it picks up on the second verse.

Magix Enga Feat Naiboi- Love You.

This must be the hottest duo in the music industry at this moment. Magix seems to be the go-to-producer while Naiboi is hook master that is no sleeping. ‘I Love You’ is a contemporary urban sound that the duo is pushing and their chemistry and delivery is incredible. The jam sets the tone for Valentines and might have an audience come the big day later on this month.

Shukid- Season

After his electric performance at Africa Nouveau this past weekend, Shukid has maintained the momentum and buzz by releasing his highly anticipated single, “Season”. The Jeraw produced track was mastered by Atwal of Atwal Music. It is the lead single for his forthcoming mixtape “Shukid Season” which is expected for release in April. “Season simply means it’s my time. I’ve had ups and downs like everybody else but in 2018 I choose positivity and to make moves in my career. My presence shall be felt,” explains Shukid.

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