Crispy Fresh! What’s Hot & Trendy In The 254 Music

Quarter one is done and dusted and we enter into a new season and month, below is this week’s Crispy Fresh installment:

Machungu – Bensoul x King Kaka

What a way to enter the cold season? Machungu is a song about the pain of a lover who doesn’t trust his lover around the ‘bestie.’ The audio is defined by its distinct piano and bass. In addition, the wordplay by Bensoul and King Kaka further adds a twist to the sentimental tone of this song.

Ni Nani – Stivo Simple Boy Ft Adasa

Stivo Simple Boy is back and this time he has featured fast singer Adasa in his tune. Heartbreak seems to be in the air as Ni Nani is a dialogue between an insecure girlfriend and her boyfriend. The musical chemistry is outstanding in this song despite the different styles of the two artists.

Masaa Zake – Benzema & Kushman

Masaa Zake was definitely produced to kill the heartbreak vibes in the air. The upbeat Gengetone track is the perfect party anthem if its lyrics are anything to go by. Its feel-good beat provides a solid foundation for Benzema and Kushman’s slow and easy bars.

Kahaso – Pulalah Master Ft Quelah, Lah Moh, Antony M & GRD

Kahaso is what happens when Afrobeat is fused with contemporary Dancehall. The song’s lyrics celebrate African women by showering them with praises and love. Despite their different rap styles Pulalah Master, Quelah, Lah Moh, Antony M, and GRD merge their talents to form a cohesive tune.

Aye (Marry Me) – Otile Brown

Fan-favorite Otile Brown does it again with a beautiful love song. Aye (Marry Me) is a love declaration in which Otile Brown asks his lover to marry him. Furthermore, he sings praises of the beauty and character of his lover. Lastly, the music video further accentuates the love theme of the song with simple yet picturesque scenes of Otile Brown and his love interest.

Baby Love – Mr Seed Ft Miss P

Yet another love song, Baby Love further cements Mr Seed as a talented love songwriter and singer. In this song, he mixes different languages to tell his love confession. Furthermore, the musical chemistry between him and Miss P in the audio makes this track a fan favorite.

Whine – Nviiri The Storyteller x Bensoul

Whine is a groovy party song. And it is not an ordinary party song because all its elements come together to form a compact sound. Everything about its production from the lyrics, instrumental, harmonies, and ad-libs spew perfection.

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