Crispy Fresh! What Is Hot & Trendy In The 254

We are ushering in the month of love and the 254’s music kitchen is sizzling with new bangers. Below are the hottest latest releases:

Mubaba – Diana Bahati Ft Vinny Flava

Starting us off is Diana Bahati’s latest single Mubaba. The song which has received love and criticism in equal measure since its release is currently trending at number 1 on YouTube. Mubaba details the joys of young Kenyans having financial sponsors to fund their lavish lifestyles. Additionally, the musical chemistry between the two performers is evident with Diana Bahati rapping in the verses and Vinny Flava on the catchy hook his verse. Lastly, the visuals are glitzy, shot in a club setting, and further accentuate the message of the song.

Mejja – Usiniharibie Mood

Okonkwo is back with anew banger Usiniharibie Mood. The track is a feel-good Gengetone song that is about celebrating the good events in life. The lyrics are flooded with his signature storytelling rap flow. Coupled with a comic music video that has dance elements, this song is a certified hit.

Siwezi – Nadia Mukami & Latinoh

Siwezi is a collaboration with African Popstar Nadia Mukami and the new Sevens Creative Hub signee, Latinoh Aka the King of Love. This song is about a man begging his wife to stay despite her adamant resolution to leave him. Indeed the sad emotions in this song are clear in the lyrics and even the music video.

Polepole – Ashley Njera Ft Obidan Dela

Setting the pace for the month of love is this new release is Ashley Njera. Polepole is a showcase of the vocal talent and the musical chemistry of the two performers Ashley Njera and Obidan Dela. Moreover, the lyrics are packed with declarations of love. Its music video is equally beautiful despite its simplicity.

Ama Aje – Blinky Bill Ft Lisa Oduor Noah

Off Blinky Bill’s upcoming album We Cut Keys 2, this song is what happens when elements of rap, Rnb, and Amapiano meet pop music. Blinky Bill and Lisa Oduor blend their voices in melodious harmonies. Truly, this song spews lots of amazing vibes and definitely deserves a slot in your next road trip playlist.

Hatukuelewi – Odi Wa Muranga Ft Exray Taniua & Boutross

Wrapping it up is the Gengetone Banger of the week Hatukuelewi. The rappers flaunt their lyrical abilities in their respective verses by calling out various bad habits. Furthermore, Hatukuelewi’s catchy chorus is delivered by Odi Wa Muranga in his distinctive deep voice. This song’s memorable nature is without a doubt on its way to being a club banger.

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