Crispy Fresh: Weekly Update On Fresh Jams From The 254

We are headed to the big holiday – Mashujaa day and it’s a time to remember our fallen heroes, those who fought for our freedom and this very existence. It’s a time to reflect on our patriotism and appreciate Kenya some more. In an effort to celebrate some made in Kenya art, here is our weekly update on the fresh jams from the 254.

Madtraxx – Talented

One third of the electric group Kansoul, Madtraxx is a known stick out artist, and he does hold his own when he’s on a single track. His latest release ‘Talented’ candidly speaks to the ladies and having a great time. He explicitly narrates his version of a party night and I bet his fans with gravitate to that.

Otile Brown – Hi

Otile has been in the news lately for reasons away from his music career. The short-lived relationship with video vixen tun socialite Vera Sidika was plastered all over Social Media and the break up was sensationalized as well. Well, he is back with a new song titled ‘Hi’ and he sticks to his personal favorite subject about falling in love. He delivers some powerful vocal range and a good message for lovebirds.

Elani – Jinsi

Cool, and ever radiant band, Elani is back with the second single off their upcoming album – Colors of Love. They are still in the yellow phase of love, falling deeper and deeper into feelings with this feel-good, wedding vibe song! The jam radiates some happy vibes and is bound to play for some time.



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