Crispy Fresh: The Latest From The Kenyan Music Scene

Another week is upon us and we are here to keep you up to date with what’s hot and trendy in the 254 music scene.

Parte Ater Parte (Remix) – Boondocks Gang, Magix Enga, Reckless, Zzero & Ochungulo Family

The crossover hit from Uganda by Big Trill is the biggest anthem in Nairobi this moment. The jam calls for nonstop partying and club hopping, so its only right Kenyan had their own twist to it. The remix involves Gengetone artists from various crews teaming up and laying serious bars. Take a listen below.

Low Libido – Riot Ft Kartelo

Gengetone trend is here to stay and we keep discovering new acts. Comedian Kartelo has been trying to put on youngins from his hood 1960 Kayole and it seems he’s succeeded. ‘Low Libido’ is a bonafide Sheng hit, easy to sing along and easy beat. The group Riot goes on and on with dope cadence making the jam top notch.

Raerae – Boondocks Gang, Maddox, Arrif & The Kansoul

The Kansoul stays in the streets looking for new talent while pushing the trends to the core. The jam has a slow but steady bounce, topped up with street rhymes that you gotta catch twice. This is a party tune painting a picture of parties in the hood. The kicker on this that caught my ear was ‘Cheza Gengetone toa izo Bongo’. Listen below.

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