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22 February of 2019 by

It’s another busy week on the Kenyan music scene, and you have the front row seat in checking out what’s really banging out there. These are our top picks for this week.

Magix Enga – Yoyo

Super producer, super collabo act and hit-maker Magix Enga has decided to showcase his talent as a wholesome artist. He lays the beats and the vocals on this jam, Yoyo, and his overall musical sense comes out. The jam slaps from the cadence, melodies and notable hook. Yoyo is sort of a love song and he does deliver a good one.

Mayonde – Chini Kwa Chini

Super singer Mayonde has an new EP titled, Project Purple, and Chini Kwa Chini is ripped off that project as the second single. She marries Pop, Kapuka, Genge and Hiphop and pays hommage to the pioneers of Kenya music industry. The songs empasises on living fully today as tomorrow is not guaranteed. Mayonde is a vocal powerhouse and her delivery on her music is exceptional.

Octopizzo – Babylon

Trap star and Number 8 finest Octopizzo has surprise rip off his 5th Studio album. Babylon is a heavy Trap hit which Octo has mastered its wave. His rap throws shots and shade at his peers while he articulates his achievements in the scene. This we can easily classify it as a hit.

H_art The Band Feat Kaskazini PDA

As a fan of original music and raw talent, H_art The Band surprise me every-time they put a track out. P.D.A is a candid love letter to the ladies the band puts together alongside Kaskazini. Well written and delivered in Swahili, the track is a masterpiece from the delivery, lyrics and sick flow.

Otile Brown – Crush

Another score for Otile Brown with the ladies for 2019 following his previous single, Kenyan Ladies, is visible. The super vocalist and ladies man is candid on this track while the video completes the package. Otile easily scoops the ultimate love song singer in the new age Kenyan Pop music. Ladies, here is your new ringtone.


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