Crispy Fresh: This Is What’s Hot In The 254 Music

New music is steadily streaming and we are here with the scoop. Check out the latest singles that dropped in the past one week or so.

Timmy Tdat Feat Dela- We’ll Be Ok

Earlier on in the year, the rumor mill had it that Timmy and Dela were dating but they vehemently denied it. Fast track, they have a crispy fresh love song acting all coy and romantic. “We’ll Be Ok’ is produced by Teddy B and the two have great chemistry as they narrate their hustle struggle. The video is a short film directed by Enos Olik and involves several local actors making it juicy. Watch the video below and give in your views.

King Kaka Feat Didge- Lote

King Kaka is back to his poetry roots and this time round the plot is all provocative, sultry and erotic. Fondly referred to as the Swahili Shakespear, he paints a vivid image with his word you would think its a playboy set. King Kaka used the renowned skill of R&B crooner Didge to bring the whole project to a spellbinding¬†totality. The video tagged ‘Stories from My bedroom’ is a visual jaw-dropper and I bet he will be having an issue with Dr.Ezekiel Mutua.

Bahati- Isiwe Hivyo

Bahati is out here standing for the unity and love for each other as Kenyans. On the new release, a melancholic somber reality check, he is urging Kenyans not to go back to 2007 as a result of politics. The song is accompanied by vivid images of the chaos and destruction we went through. It is commendable for him to speak out against hate and use his platform to call for a ceasefire. Check out the video below.


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