Crispy Fresh New Music: What’s Banging In the 254 This Week?

12 October of 2018 by

We are in the last quarter of the year and if you are a keen follower of the 254 music scene, you will notice a spike in the number of new jams. Artists work hard and compete amongst each other so as to close out the year with a bang.

Here are some of the hot releases for this week.

Naiboi – Keki

Feeding off the energy and hype of his last jam, ‘2 in 1’, Naiboi has another single tailor-made for the family and friends with a unifying theme of birthday celebrations. ‘Keki’ is the jam that probably you will play on your birthday dinner for your kids or family members and it’s spot on. He teams up with the talented Bensoul for the guitar and harmonies.

Vivian – Talk To Me

Songstress Vivian is still bubbling steadily with releases and appeals every time. She has enjoyed airplay with the last two singles, contemporary R&B jams Sugar and Chum Chum, which is her forte. ‘Talk To Me’ addresses the boy child imploring him to be straight with his intentions with the ladies. The notion is that the men are shying away from hitting on ladies the traditional way and Vivian is here to address it.

Fena Gitu – Sijaskia Vibaya Feat Njugush

Phenomenal woman Fena has struck the formula for churning out hits and keeping the industry glued to her career moves. She recently scored the Smirnoff Vodka ambassadorship adding up to her Marini Naturals plate. The new record featuring comedian Njuguna puts in perspective her journey in the scene. The aspect of catching unnecessary feelings when things don’t go your way. It is a great listen and has the potential to close the year in high ranks.


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