Crispy Fresh New Music For September

We open the new month in style and the acts are seeking to impress the fans. Here’s what’s hot from the weekend.

Willy Paul- Jigi Jigi

This cat willy Paul a.k.a Willy Pozee is always reeling in controversy but as a master at his own circus, he thrives on it. A couple of his previous music releases border secular and fans have been calling him out asking him to just cross over. Over the weekend, he released a new jam titled, “Jigi Jigi” and he wittily sneaked in the gospel but the song is just a love song evoking lust. According to the song, Jigi Jigi is a pet name for his lover/video vixen and he tries to convince her that their marriage would be solid communion. check it out below and read the comments too.

King Kaka Feat Fena Gitu

Ricobeatz has produced a fire beat that deserves a King and Queen trading bars on it. Run Ting was the talk of the weekend from social media and every magazine show on local TV. Run Ting is the first project that both King Kaka and Fena Gitu are working on together. Both artists are open to working with each other on future projects.

The song has a feel good vibe to it that immediately captures you. “The song is a happy one, watu wabambike! All in all, it is letting everyone know who runs things. King Kaka runs things, Kaka Empire runs things Fena runs things.Things don’t run we!” says King Kaka.

“I admire how Kaka Empire rules the airwaves and myself, Fenamenal taking my place in the industry as well, thus We Run Ting,” says Fena Gitu.

Jaguar- Ndoto 

Jaguar has been in the limelight this year and not from his music but from his political zeal. He vied for the Starehe Constituency Member of Parliament and he clinched it against any odd and equally flamboyant opponents. His new release “Ndoto” he speaks about his dream to be a leader and now he lives the dream. Firing shots at his competitors and subtle rivals in music, he gloats that he is chauffeured and guarded 24/7 like a bank. Fans online were not having it with Jaguar releasing a song on the day of his swearing into Parliament. Others heckled him, “We voted you in so that we won’t hear any more music from you.” I guess he is winning tad too much.

I shoot to the moon because if i miss i land on stars. My Life is Now!! So come join me and we find out the next escapade.