Crispy Fresh! New Music From The Kenyan Scene

Hii Baridi ni Mbaya aah! Aah! Nviiri The Storyteller and Sanaipei must have foreseen this cold weather when they wrote Baridi. Despite the cold weather, the 254 music kitchen continues to be blazing hot with new bangers. This week’s variety is amazing from love songs to party anthems, Crispy Fresh got you.

My Boo – Shifuu

My Boo is fast-rising Kenyan Afropop singer Shifuu’s 2nd single after his debut track Monica. This new song is a beautiful love song in which Shifuu praises his love interest. Moreover, Shifuu’s vibrant and melodious sound shines through the song, earning him a well-deserved spot on the Crispy Fresh chart.

Dark Skin – Brandy Maina Ft Shee

Dark Skin is quite the anthem for dark-skinned folks. Brandy Maina sings about her past insecurities over skin complexion and also brags about her confidence in her skin tone now. Even with the powerful message, the song is still very melodic. It makes me want to get up and dance already. Certified hit!

Master – Iyanii

Party hits master Iyanii is back with a new track. Master is a showcase of Iyanii’s versatility as he raps unlike in his past songs where he has gained a reputation for his singing. Additionally, the track’s message is also out of Iyanii’s norm as he reinforces his status in the industry by bragging about his musical capabilities.

Transaction Story – Sir Bwoy, Wakadinali & Aress 66

Sir Bwoy and Wakadinali team up again after Geri Inengi. This time though, they sprinkle a little of producer Aress 66’s greatness. Transaction Story is a very refreshing song. Not only is it smooth, but it also has well-thought-out bars. The song is a testimony of their growth in the industry. In conclusion, vibes on vibes and beautiful sunsets are just some of the ways to describe this crispy fresh track.

Hepi – Femi One, King Kaka & Mbithi

Hepi is a sheng term that means Party. As the name suggests, Hepi is a party tune. Its lyrics are about forgetting one’s troubles and having a good time. The 3 rappers flaunt their bars by detailing what it takes to have a good party. The music video is shot in a colorful and spirited party setting that further compliments the song’s message.

Dweet (Do It) – Trio Mio Ft A-Pass & Masauti

Dweet is the ultimate summertime tune to banish the cold weather blues. Everything, from its visuals to lyrics to instrumental is smooth. It is easy to jam to, and packed with good vibes and amazing musical chemistry among the performers.

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