Crispy Fresh! New Music From The Kenyan Scene

Crispy fresh Friday is here once again. This is the go-to spot for the newest bangers released in the 254. This week there are a couple of not only local but also international collaborations some of which connect Kenya and Jamaica:

Tembeza – Ssaru Ft Breeder LW

Firstly, Tembeza by Ssaru and Breeder LW. If bars on bars was a song it would be this song. Here, Gengetone star Ssaru treads into the new waters of Drill music. Her outstanding delivery on the verses makes this track a certified banger. In addition, their lyrics are heavily laced with emotion that adds more sauce to the song. Tembeza is the perfect dedication to the haters.

Kalesa Na Leather – Steph Kapela

Steph Kapela is back with a new tune. In this track, Steph showcases his versatility by switching from his most recent usual fast rap style to easy sing-along bars mode. Furthermore, his delivery is very effortless and entertaining. Lastly, the music visuals are an exhibition of Kapela’s intricate sense of style.

Ni Final – Hopekid & Masterpiece

It has been a while since we had a Gospel hit on this segment. Representing the Gospel front this week is Hopekid and Masterpiece’s track Ni Final. Described as an encouraging song about the finality of God’s word, Ni Final is an easy jam with beautiful lyrics.

Niko Ndani – Pryshon Ft Konshens

What is a week with a new smooth love song? Sultry voiced Pryshon teams up with Jamaican Sensation Konshens on her song Niko Ndani. The track which is about a love that goes beyond physical pleasure is one of Pryshon’s best collaborations yet. Besides, the chemistry between the 2 singers despite their different sounds is very delightful.

Tunaweza – Iyanii, Trio Mio & Femi One

Tunaweza is the ultimate track to celebrate Madaraka Day. Commissioned by the Permanent Presidential Music Commission (PPMC), this song brings together Kenya’s top and fast-rising stars to celebrate Kenya and its citizens.

Safe Space – Wendy Kay Ft Scar Mkadinali

Yet another love song, Safe Space is off Wendy Kay’s album My Way:Volume II. This song brings together RnB singer Wendy Kay and top rapper Scar Mkadinali. While Wendy’s voice shines through the track eliciting the emotion of the track, Scar’s verse further compliments the message and sound of this song.

Territory – Petra Ft Tommy Lee Sparta

Wrapping it up is Petra’s new song with Jamaica star Tommy Lee Sparta, Territory. Petra’s Dancehall verses are pleasantly surprising as they are off her usual Hip Hop sound. In addition, her chemistry with Tommy is quite noteworthy. All these coupled with the beautiful music video, make this an amazing collaboration.

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