Crispy Fresh! New Music From The Kenyan Scene

Crispy Fresh Friday is here once again. This week we have bangers on bangers as not even the heatwave can slow down the 254 music kitchen.

Dolla Signs

Starting off this week is the new hustlers’ anthem. Dolla Signs is a remarkable dedication to all the people grinding hard to chase away poverty. Indeed as Vallerie describes it, Dolla Signs is the ultimate Moneyfestation anthem. The song is a smooth RnB jam with Vallerie’s smooth vocals and rap bars. Supplementarily, the money-green-themed music video further accentuates the message of the song.

For Real – Watendawili

Watendawili’s new song For Real is a beautiful Afro RnB love declaration. This production is a musical masterpiece – from its alluring lyrics to its incredible vocal stacking and harmonies. Furthermore, For Real’s music video shots oscillate from picturesque forest views to intimate indoor scenes.

Gin Ama Whiskey – Breeder LW & Mejja

What is a week without a banger for the Kamnyweso lovers? Gin Ama Whiskey is what happens a Reggaeton beat meets Gengetone. Lastly, from the music video to the lyrics to the general feel of the song, Gin Ama Whiskey is all about fun times with friends.

Focus – Arrow Bwoy

Focus is the album title track of Arrow Bwoy’s 2nd album. This song is an introspective song in which Arrow Bwoy narrates his journey to musical stardom. Moreover, Focus is also an encouragement to everyone struggling to achieve their dreams. It has a rich instrumental, well-stacked vocals, and overall good quality audio.

Binadamu – Odi Wa Muranga

Gengetone star Odi Wa Muranga goes soft on this jam. Binadamu is a reflective song in which the Boondocks Gang member sings about the fickle nature of human beings. He addresses various life issues such as Death, and Mental Health, among others.

Monalisa (Original by Deux Vultures) – Ethan Muziki

Ethan Muziki takes it back with a refreshing cover of Deux Vulture’s Hit Monalisa. Despite being slightly upbeat in comparison to the original version, this cover adds some slow RnB elements and harmonies in the chorus. Also, we have no doubt that Ethan had a blast making this jam if the visuals are anything to go by.

Bensoul, Nviiri The Storyteller & Fancy Fingers – I Deny

Wrapping it this week is yet another reflective song, I Deny. The song addresses the struggles that various public figures through when rumors about their personal lives start to spread about them. I Deny has a distinctive bass guitar base on which the 3 singers layer their vocals. In addition, it has a very melodious chorus and a neat harmonious assembly.

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