Crispy Fresh! New Music From The Kenyan Scene

Crispy Fresh Friday viberz! July’s cold weather is just on another level threatening to yank out every little joy that warm weather brings. As you try to keep warm through these tough cold below are new Crispy Fresh Kenyan bangers to fire you up:

Freshi Barida (Remix) – Stevo Simple Boy Ft Ntosh Gazi, Mejja & Exray

The Freshi Barida craze is still on and not about to die anytime soon. On this remix, Stevo Simple Boy didn’t come to play. The track is the ultimate Gengetone and Amapiano connect bringing together South African star Ntosh Gazi and Kenya’s top Gengetone acts Mejja, Exray, and Stevo. It is still as catchy as ever and full of vibes. In addition, its music video reinstates the message of the song as it is cool as the name of the song suggests.

Tom Mboya – Octopizzo

If lyrical flow was a song, it would most probably be Octopizzo’s latest hit Tom Mboya. In this conscientious tune, Octopizzo flaunts his lyrical talent as he uses the song to convey messages on various matters ailing the political leadership in the country. Furthermore, the music layering, arrangement, and production ooze quality. Its music video is a work of art with well-thought-out scenes.

Man – Fadhilee Itulya

Fadhilee Itulya’s new tune Man is a sentimental tune about vulnerability, denial, loss, and coping mechanisms. The singer’s smooth vocals shine through the song as he fearlessly and passionately embraces hurt and pain in a sad tale of unfortunate life happenings. Try not to cry though as the song is very emotional.

Pen and Paper – Karun

In celebration of her birthday, Karun has dropped her latest song Pen and Paper. This is a love song that is a beautiful composition with an equally stunning vocal performance. Moreover, the overall production harmonies also stand out. It is definitely worth a couple of replays on your playlist.

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