Crispy Fresh! New Music From The 254 This Week!

The festive season is almost getting to its peak and we are even more excited to have more bangers from the 254. Below is the weekly wrap up of the freshest hits of the week:

This Is Christmas – Shanah Manjeru

Starting us off is the youngest AFRIMA winner Shanah Manjeru with her Christmas hit, ’This Is Christmas.’ This track is her first-ever Christmas song. Produced by Jesse Bukindu the track is beautifully laid out to set the mood for the festivities.

Jela – Hamo Prof & Christar Bingwa

Jela is without a doubt the love song of this week. Through this track Comedian, Prof Hamo showcases his versatility as an entertainer in his verses. Christar also comes through with lovely lyrics and a beautiful voice. Jela is a perfect dedication to your loved one.

Taliban – Fathermoh Ft Willis Raburu, Triand & Katapilla

Our review would be incomplete without a Gengetone banger. Coined after the popular phrase ‘Stay Taliban,’ the rappers in this song brag about their macho character. Additionally, the music video further accentuates the message of the song. Taliban’s chorus is very catchy making it a certified club banger.

Je Unanifikiria – Bahati & Otile Brown

Yet another love song, Je Unanifikiria brings together two of Kenya’s most sought-after artists, Bahati and Otile Brown. The verses are laced with love declarations through which the singers flaunt their vocals. Lastly, Je Unanifikiria’s colorful visuals are crisp and reek of amazing quality.

Arrow Bwoy – Najituliza Kasuku

Arrow Bwoy takes it back with his rendition of the legendary Les Wanyika’s Kajituliza Kasuku. The track with is largely Rhumba is infused with contemporary sounds to give it a new twist. The entire concept of this song from the audio to the music video is well executed. This song will have you dancing once it is on.

Papa Wemba – Khaligraph Jones, UB, V6, Kenrazy, Zakah, Gaza, Agano & Chiwawa

Just like in Arrow Bwoy’s song Najituliza Kasuku, the spirit of paying tribute to legends is also in this song. Khaligraph brings together some of Kenya’s veteran rappers UB, V6, Kenrazy, Zakah, Gaza, Agano, and Chiwawa. Each of them proves that they still have the flow. It is very refreshing to see the OGs come together and fans are clearly feeling this song.

Kris Erroh Ft Eko Dydda – Watu Wa Kawaida

Representing the gospel front this week is this collaboration from two of Kenya’s most beloved Gospel music stars. Watu Wa Kawaida is a very introspective song that speaks about life and the struggles that it presents on a daily basis. The singers’ lyrical wordplay is not only impeccable but also very deep. Coupled with an even more self-reflective music video, this song delivers the message very well.

Boda Anthem – H_Art The Band

Summing it up is H_Art The Band’s Boda Anthem. This track is a special dedication to all the boda operators. In their verses, the trio celebrates the hard work that these underrated heroes put into their craft and the convenience that they offer to their customers among other things. We have no doubt that nduthi gang members will be loving this song for a very long time.

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