Crispy Fresh: New Music From Kenya This Week

As we wrap up February in style, we are celebrating the direction music is about to take in Kenya and East Africa as a whole. One of the most successful global streaming platforms Spotify is now available in Kenya and that means more visibility for our art while artists have a new source of revenue. Check out these new beats that dropped in the 254 this week.

Amara Tari Feat  Nviiri The Storyteller – What I See

R&B made in Kenya is really popping off and we are here for it. If you really wanna hear an angelic voice, Amara got you. This is a song riddled with passion. Amara Tari dug into her reservoirs of ardour and poured every last drop into her words; targeting lovers separated by oceans, seas, and mobile screens. This song will make you feel like hopping on a plane or hailing an Uber just to be close to your significant other. Nviiri The StoryTeller matches her energy perfectly in his beginning verse.

Naiboi Feat Band UB, Band Beca, Breeder LW, Fena Gitu, Naitwa Pro, Femi One – Kitu Tamu

Naiboi is back with another all-star remix to the hit ‘Kitu Tamu’. This is a feel-good song bringing out stuff regular food enjoy and the artists rap about it. Look at your hood fun activities, you will probably find the artists featured on the record singing/rapping about it. Who killed it on the various verses?

Arrow Bwoy – Fashionista

Kenyan Afro-Pop star Arrowboy is in album mode and he just released a single of it. He celebrates the African woman’s beauty and diverse fashion style through catchy lyrics laid on an upbeat track that’s blended with classic guitar melodies. This jam produced by iLogos music has an easy chill and feel-good vibe to it while Arrow tones down the pace and brings out an intimate vocal vibe. Rate the record below.

Big Ting AP Feat AJ Barracuda & Trio Mio – Kanairo

The generation is pushing the ‘254Flow’ to the next level and this record is testament to that. This Trap record checks speaks about the hustle and bustle of Kenya’s capital Nairobi aka ‘Kanairo’. The lads bring on an American accent mixed with hood rhymes. The newest Prince of the city Trio Mio gives it a stamp of authority with his feature. Check out the record below.

Design Hii – VDJ Jones feat Mejja, Vuva, Jeshi Jinga, Kim Swat, Harrycraze & Josephyl

Superstar Deejay VDJ Jones is still putting together his All-star Gengetone stars for major projects. This time round he’s got Mejja from The Kansoul, Vuva from 34 Gang, and Jeshi Gang who are creeping up the scene. This record brings out the hood party scene and every artist speaks on their hood scene. If you are looking for some new Sheng words to add to your vocabulary play this record twice.

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