Crispy Fresh New Music For The Week

Another week as we edge closer to the New Year, so here are some hot new releases to close the year. We shall be summing up 2018 hottest music, but for now these are the hottest new releases trending this week.

Willy Paul – Kanungo

Controversy riddled Gospel black sheep Willy Pozee is back on the news with his latest release this week. The jam titled Kanungo is nothing close to a Gospel preaching jam but more of love song inclined to social commentary. He speaks of relationships and situationships that have become the order of the day in the 254. Critics are still on Pozee’s case urging him to cross over to secular and stop living a double life. The jam is alright to me i’d rate it 5/10.

Steph Kapela – Too Easy

One of the most hottest acts in the city Steph Kapela stays winning and cementing his place in the industry and his talent is truly undeniable. Its been 3 years since his return from the States and all his releases have a buzz.  “Too Easy” showcases a visual representation of an artist’s state of mind after achieving some notoriety and fame. Steph feels like he’s the hottest thing in the city yet he is still under construction, humility in the process is key.

Kforce – Statement

Kenya’s Hip Hop Loyalty Kayvo Kforce holds his fort in the industry and always comes through with the bars. His latest instalment is the 2end project from his forthcoming album dubbed ‘The Statement’ and he easily murders the beat with hard bars while bragging about his dominance in the industry.

I shoot to the moon because if i miss i land on stars. My Life is Now!! So come join me and we find out the next escapade.