#CrispyFresh: A look At What’s Hot In 254 Music Space

13 September of 2017 by

Another week we look at the bangers and clangers out in our 254 music space. Your favorite jam might be listed below.

Naiboi Featuring iLogos & Cedo 

Cedo is in tune with the international sound waving across Europe called ‘Tropical Blend’ and he is ready to experiment it in the 254. ‘4Mulla’ is the smooth jig performed by Naiboi and he sounds happy to lay his vocals on such a beat. Content wise, Naiboi sings to his girl as he convinces her that she holds the formula to his life. The best part of the video is when the dancers perform the ”Odi Dance” a dance style popularised by Timeless Noel and his High School tours. check it out below.

Otile Brown Feat Timmy TDat

The pair is back at it and they never disappoint. Always with sneaky lines speaking their dealings with ladies, Timmy and Otile seems like the perfect duo for such. The jam ‘Wembe’ Swahili for razor produced by Magix Enga is has a Coasterian slowed down chakacha vibe. This record should be blasted at high volume but expect less of lyrical wit, just a runaway skill exploited to the max. listen here.

Bandanah Feat Spizzo & Naiboi

Fairly new names, Bandanah and Spizzo, but from their accent, that Mombasa music is making a proper return. The perfect bridge to the Nairobi market would be Naiboi who is currently enjoying massive airplay from his hit records and those of his record label ‘Pacho Entertainment’. The record ‘‘Kidege” is a proper intro statement and elicits attention as the flow and lyrics paint an actual story. Naiboi didn’t do them any justice with that weak verse but his importance of the feature works in the long run. The record is produced by Magix Enga but released under Pacho records. Check it out below.




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