Crispy Fresh Brand New Music This Week

As we wind up the year, we are keeping our masks on, sanitizing, social distancing and enjoying the amazing content Kenyan artists are putting out. The holidays are fast approaching and I that bet every artist is looking for that banger to carry the holidays and we are here waiting. Check out these bangers that have recently dropped in the 254.

Otile Brown Feat Jux – Regina

If you have not bought the Otile Brown debut album “Just In Love” you are missing out on pure vibes. This record ‘Regina’ is the 5th official video off that project and the two singers brought their A-game to it. This is a love-letteresq jam where the two try to woo a lady into their lives. I’d say this one is for the ladies, grab a glass of wine and press play the video below on loud volume.

Nviiri The Storyteller Feat Femi One – Bar 

Sol Generation signed artist Nviiri teams up with Kaka Empire signee Femi One for this Afro-Swing banger themed ‘Bar’. Nviiri has a different vibe when it comes to a song. He presents a party vibe with beguiling sleek puns and he brought it proper on this record. The record is produced by iLogos Music and has that slow-burn effect on your soul. Check it out below.

Mavo, Timmy Tdat, Mbokotho, Maandy, Harry Craze & Joefess – Inaniaffect

The Gengetone wave is still strong and the winds are blowing all over. Superstar and staple name Timmy Tdat has teamed up with Mavo on the Beat and a whole crew for this banger and it bangs. ‘Inani Affect’ is a phrase popularized by Social Media star Cartoon Comedian and now it has landed on a song. The 6 acts on this record just bring a vibe speaking about party vibes and scoring girls. Take note of Femcee Maandy who is a rising star and she matches up to the fellas on the record.

Naiboi Feat Band Beca – InaniAffect

Pacho Entertainment CEO Naiboi is enjoying keeping up with the trends as well and he has jumped on the Cartoon Comedian skit as well. Naiboi enlists the help of the duo Band Beca whom he’s signed and managing at the moment. Naiboi tackles socials like Economy, cashflow, lack of jobs but spins with the party and good times as well. The record has a nice bouncy beat and easy-to-recall bridge that could easily take off. Check out the video below.

Dmore, Nelly The Goon & Benzema – Wanjiku

The collective Ochungulo family is never far off from a hit song. The crew just released this hit ‘Wanjiku’ and their story telling on the jam is tremendous. They narrate the story of Wanjiku and Onyiso who are always having fun consuming anything and everything they come across. When you see Ochungulo Family on a record be ready for vibes. Check out the video below.


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