Crispy Fresh Brand New Music This Week

We are about to wrap up September in the same style as the previous month. The Covid-19 pandemic still lingers in the air and uncertainties about the future still daunt the world but we hope you are keeping safe to the best of your ability. Welcome to this week’s installation of Brand New Music. We take a look at what dropped and what is hot – and the ladies are winning.

Tanasha Donna – Na Wewe

East African Diva Tanasha Donna just released a new record with no prior promo and it is a hot record. We know there has been beef with Tanzanian queen Zuchu who recently collaborated with her baby father – Diamond Platnumz and the sound of their song was apparently stolen. Donna has now released a jam with French influences celebrating the ‘Black’ skin color and African heritage. Check out the record below.

Elani – Nimejaribu

East African Powerhouse trio Elani is back with Nimejaribu off of their sophomore album, “Colours of Love”. The record continues the journey of Colours of Love. The song captures the despair, heart break, frustration, struggle and realization that one has tried their best to make the relationship work but it’s impossible to do. The song kicks off the black phase of love…a time full of anger, resentment, unhappiness and depression. The group indeed knows how to bring art into reality or vice-versa.

Victoria Kimani – Say Less

Internationally acclaimed star Victoria Kimani has been silent for a hot minute but she did come through with some new heat. She is speaking to the boss ladies who are striving hard, working hard, ignoring the haters and naysayers and getting their paper. ‘Say Less’ has an authority to it and implores us to say less when you hit your targets.

Adasa Feat Benzema – Najikakamua

Najikakamua is a collaboration by famously known gengetone artist Benzema aka Alejandro and an upcoming artist based in Mombasa, Coast (001) known as Adasa signed to Dallaz Records. Adasa is blessed with a voice and it is only right steps into the big stage with a collabo. The record ripples some positive vibration despite the tough hand life hands you. Sending the message of hope and not giving up no matter what you do.


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