Crispy Fresh! Brand New Music This Week

Another banga! Crispy Fresh vibers and this week as we maneuver through the mid-September unpredictable weather, below are hot Kenyan releases to spruce up your playlists or even dedicate to your crush *wink*

Logo Ya Nike – Elisha Elai

Elisha Elai is undoubtedly one of the 254’s most underrated rappers. In Logo Ya Nike, the rapper flaunts his fast yet smooth lyrical delivery. The beat lives up to the Drill hype by setting a great base for Elisha’s masterful flow and confident sound.

Kelele – Mbuzi Gang

Sherehe haitaki hasira and Mbuzi Gang is here for that and so much more on their new banger Kelele. This track is pure party vibes from Fathermoh’s catchy chorus to Iphoolish and Joefes’ bars in the verses to the beat by Jegede. Kelele is officially a crispy fresh certified party anthem!

Warrior – Octopizzo Ft Shamir

Futurist sound is the perfect way to describe this unlikely collaboration. While Shamir is known for his distinct Reggae sound and Octoppizo for Hip Hop, this jam solidifies the fact that genres should not be a barrier when it comes to collaboration. Warrior is smooth and easy, but with a strong message about identity and courage.

Wedding Day – Stevo Simple Boy Ft Wyse

Described as a dedication to all lovers with a dream to wed, Wedding Day is the perfect tone setter for the wedding season. The song oozes beautiful lyrics and declarations of love that will make you hate being single. Furthermore, Stevo simple Boy and Wyse have a good musical chemistry that blends well despite their different styles of delivery.

Living Legend – Fena Gitu Ft Xenia Manasseh

Wrapping it up is some girl power on Fena and Xeniah’s latest hit Living Legends. This song is the 2nd song from Fena’s upcoming album and its pure vocal goodness with a heavy dose of lyrical prowess on a smooth beat. Crispy Fresh hot! Add it to your playlist already.

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