Crispy Fresh! Brand New Music This Week

Crispy Fresh Friday vibers! The 254 is always buzzing with new bangers and this week is no exception. From Hip Hop to Reggae, this selection caters to everyone’s music needs. So, without wasting any more time, below are Kenya’s freshest and hottest tunes

Ka Unaweza – Maandy Kabaya & Mejja

Maandy Kabaya and Mejja link up on this long-overdue collaboration. Ka Unaweza is a raunchy yet poetic tune. Both Maandy and Mejja deliver lyrically in their respective verses. Another noteworthy feature of this track is the musical chemistry between the 2 rappers and of course, Maandy’s catchy chorus.

Make a Change – Salma Queen Ft Mariah Ngoma

Kenya’s very own Reggae maestro Salma Queen continues her mission to spread peace and positivity. Her song with Mariah Ngoma is a message urging people to come together, stand as one, and be peaceful. Furthermore, Make A Change is really uplifting and the 2 singers’ divine vocals shine through the Reggae track.

Maggie Wa Nyumbani – Ndovu Kuu & Bien The Baldman

Maggie Wa Nyumbani is a tale of an unforbidden love that works to conquer all barriers. The track has a different sound from Ndovu Kuu and Bien’s usual style. In fact, it is very refreshing to hear Ndovu Kuu sing as he mostly flaunts bars in most of his songs. Maggie Wa Nyumbani is a beautiful love song with raunchy undertones. Quite a dedication to a romantic lover.

Blue ticks – Khaligraph Jones & Femi One

Firstly, the instrumental to this track is crispy fresh certified! On it, Khaligraph and Femi lay legit bars. Case closed! Certified banger it is!

Maliza Na Pombe (Remix) – King Kaka, Iyanii, Layonn, Exray Taniua, Kuky, Ssaru & Joefes

Lastly is Maliza Na Pombe (Remix) and it is the ultimate weekend tune. Even though the original version was fire, this remix adds more sauce by bringing in more acts. In addition, the music video is pure vibes. I have no doubt it will be on your favorite DJ’s mix at the club tonight.

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