Crispy Fresh! Brand New Music This Week

Crispy Fresh tings! Just like political temperatures, 254’s music kitchen seems to be getting hot if the new music is anything to go by. This week, Gengetone seems to be the dominant genre. However, there is also something for drillers and lovers of Alternative music. So without any further ado:

Simu Ya Bae – Stamminah Gusto x Kay S

The travails of Nairobi relationships is what Simu Ya Bae is all about. Especially when it comes to phones and how they ruin relationships. In this track, Stamminah Gusto and Kay S warn their listeners about phone habits that show a significant other could be unfaithful. In addition to its relatable message, the hook is very catchy. Lastly, the satire and humor in the music video make this tune noteworthy.

Ex – Swat Matire Ft Shekinah Karen

Ex is what happens when exes meet after years of being estranged. Just like any pair of exes seeking closure, Swat Matire, and Shekinah Karen engage in an emotional exchange of what went wrong in their relationship in their respective lines. Moreover, the music video and the singers’ interesting non-verbal communication further accentuate the heated debate. This song is proof of why closure after a breakup is totally unnecessary. Just move on.

Nawacha Pombe (Remix) – Ssaru, Kushman & Benzema

Yet another Gengetone banger, Nawacha Pombe (Remix) is a certified tune! The 3 singers narrate the trouble of loving alcohol and what it has put them through. Their lyrics ooze storytelling prowess and creative humor. Furthermore, Nawacha Pombe has a catchy hook and upbeat instrumental that have earned it a well-deserved slot our Crispy Fresh segment.

Githambutha – Ayrosh Ft Xtatic

Ever thought that a contemporary Mugithi singer and Hip Hop artiste would ever be on the same song? Ayrosh and Xtatic outdo themselves on this track as they merge their different sounds to deliver an edgy love song.

Dakika Tano – Rekles

Ethic Member Rekles is back with another hit. Dakika Tano is a showcase of his lyrical prowess. Rekles matter-of-factly raps about his talent on the fire beat stating that he doesn’t compare himself with other artists. The music video is simple and helps reinstate his message.

Doing It Major – Silverstone Barz Ft Buruklyn Boyz

Lastly, drillers Silverstone Barz and Buruklyn Boyz team to serve a hot track. The Drill Music beat slaps hard! And on it, the 3 rappers confidently lay their hardcore lyrics. Furthermore, the creative visuals feature the artists and vixens in full driller outfits.

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