Crispy Fresh! Brand New Music This Week

Crispy Fresh Music is definitely our business. And as per usual, we are here to hook you up with the 254’s hottest jams. This week, people seem to be in their feelings if the new music is anything to go by. So without any further ado…

Jealousy – Nviiri The Storyteller Ft Darassa

Nviiri has finally dropped his collaboration with Tanzanian rapper Darasa as per his promise. Jealousy is a sensational story of jealousy and how as a human emotion, it affects romantic relationships. The track fuses Afro Beat and Spanish Guitar in the track. On top of that, Nviiri’s vocals are complemented by Darasa’s Bongo Rap.

Willy Paul – Chocolate

Willy Paul Aka Pozze is back with another banger Chocolate. This song further reinforces Willy Paul is one of the best love songwriters and singers in the country. Its colorful music video features popular socialite Amber Ray is packed with scenic goodness. Besides, fans are clearly loving the song if their comments are anything to by.

Diana – King Kaka

Diana is the epitome of storytelling and good music. The track is a 9 part series song in which king Kaka tells a story of a love affair gone awfully wrong. Featuring the singer and producer Bern Muziki, this song is captivating and very entertaining. In addition, all the Diana’s music videos ooze cinematic excellence. In it, Mitchelle Ntalami, Robert Agengo, and Magix Enga make special appearances.

Bingo Bango – Madini Classic

Yet another love song, Bingo Bango is a love declaration that deserves a slot in your playlist. Through this song, Madini Classic is slowly but surely claiming his spot as a respected vocalist and songwriter. From the catchy chorus to the wordplay in the verses, to the vocal stacking and guitars in the track, this track is definitely a certified hit. On top of the good audio, the visuals feature picturesque scenes that further accentuate the message of the song.

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