Crispy Fresh! Brand New Music This Week

The last quarter of the year begins today and we look forward to new music this quarter, below are the new bangers that summed up the 2021’s second last quarter:

Usherati – Exray Taniua Ft Mejja & Ndovu Kuu

This collaboration between Boondocks Gang member Exray Taniua and rappers Mejja and Ndovu Kuu is certified. Usherati is about the unfaithfulness that is common in many Nairobi relationships. Produced by Byron On The Beat, its lyrics are very comic and relatable. The colorful visuals were directed by Vikta Daniel and feature appearances from Odi Wa Muranga, Willis Raburu, and Boutross Munene.

Only One (Dawa Ya Baridi) – Mr. Seed Ft Masauti

Off his latest album Black Child, this track is definitely the love song of the week. Both Mr. Seed and Masauti flaunt their smooth vocals in their love declaring lyrics. Their harmonies blend perfectly in the hook of this masterpiece making it the perfect song to dedicate to your romantic love interest. So far the track is getting good reviews and its beautiful music video has made the fans fall in love with it even more.

Taki Taki – Mbuzi Gang Ft Lamaz Span KOB

Shamra Shamra hitmakers Mbuzi Gang are back with yet another banger and this time round they hooked up with rapper Lamaz Span KOB. Produced by Kashkeed, the upbeat tempo of this track definitely makes this track the club banger of the week. The hook is very catchy and we have no doubt it will soon feature in your favorite DJ’s next mix.

The One – Bahati Feat. Diana Marua

Yet another love song, Bahati’s new release featuring his wife Diana Marua is pure vibes. According to Bahati, the lyrics which are packed with promises of love were written as an appreciation to his wife. Its music video in which Diana plays as Bahati’s love interest further accentuates the message of the song. The music video further features picturesque locations and beautiful shots that make it entertaining to watch.

Omuoch – Japesa, Dezian, Musa Kiama & Ohms Law Montana

This track is the perfect blend of Pop, Dholuo Rap, and Gengetone music. All of the rappers shine in their respective verses with their versatile lyrical skills. Accompanied by great visuals in the music video, this jam is definitely a banger and a collaboration that should happen again.

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