Crispy Fresh! Brand New Music This Week

We can heave a sigh of relief as this cold month comes to a close. The sunny city has been clouded by a cold cloud for over a month, temperatures dipping up to 10 degrees. Normalcy will return soon. Let us help you update that playlist with new bangers dropping from the 254. Check out what is hot and trendy this week.

Mbogi Genje Feat Khaligraph Jones – Warena

One of the hardest groups in the 254 at the moment is Mbogi Genje. The hardcore rap group reps the real streets in the heart of Eastlands Nairobi. This new record is a step into getting to mainstream and Khaligraph Jones is the perfect vehicle for that. Do not get me wrong, the group has penetrated the mainstream media but there is more ground to cover. This record ‘Warena’ is a Sheng masterclass. The Sheng masters travel deep in the hood rapping about their lifestyle. Papa Jones blends in perfectly as he is from the hood and understands the lingo. Check out the video below.

Ssaru Feat Charisma – Rhumba Ya Ssaru

Gengetone empress Ssaru is out with a new tune that takes a different route. She is still rapping hardcore but the overall style is Rhumba. Rhumba ya Ssaru is a love song performed by Ssaru and Charisma depicting a long pre-existing relationship of a couple that had lost contact with each other and managed to come together after a long while. Charisma’s claim to fame is the group Le Band. Check out the storyboard from the video below.

Fena Gitu – Beba

Phenomenal woman Fena is still dropping vibes with her music. We know Amapiano is the current trend in Africa but Afro-House never ran out fashion. Both sub-genres fall in the same umbrella and we know Afro-House is Fena’s comfort zone. She sings about the rave and having a great time with friends. The record is produced by Jack Jack has Amapiano elements in it and slaps differently. Check out the jam below.

Wanavokali – Rhumba

Wanavokali are in album mode and this new jam is off of their upcoming Self-Titled Album. This single Rhumba, is the newest entry into an emerging body of music paying homage to the golden era of Rhumba music and culture. soundtrack to a fun night out in Nairobi, with its characteristic guitar licks and groovy baselines, ‘Rhumba’ tells the story of two strangers whose passions have been ignited, dancing the night away. Set against the back drop of smooth silky vocals and laced with modern trap beats, the feel-good party song is a constant reminder that you do not need money to have a good time and that it is always the right time to “shoot-your-shot”.

Masterpiece Feat Boutross – Why Lie

Two cats who are making moves in the industry have teamed up for a banger. Masterpiece brings his Afro-Dancehall vibe and teams up with Shrap general Boutross Munene for this record dubbed ‘Why Lie’. The jam is about the struggles of the come up and the simplicity in which they move in. Check out the laid-back video below.

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