Crispy Fresh Brand New Music This Week

We step into the new month repping the culture as hard as we always do. Welcome to another edition of Crispy fresh where we shine a light at what is hot and trendy in the 254 music scene.

Check out the hot tunes below.

Mbogi Genje – Kuja Mbaya

This crew dubbed Mbogi Genje is the newest sensation in town and their last jam is viral in the 254. They are credited for bringing the fore another form of Sheng only understood in the underground. This week, the crew is back with ‘Kuja Mbaya’ and I promise you will float on the first listen. The vibe of Mbogi Genje shows how the ghetto youths are suffering especially during this hard time of the Covid-19 pandemic watch it below and have it on loop to understand.

Otile Brown – Watoto Na Pombe

Otile is moving mad speedy on his grind and he wants his studio album to reach as many fans as possible. This week he released the 3rd video of the debut album and it features producer Magix Enga and Mejja from the Kansoul. The jam brings good vibe feeling and some fantastic storytelling from Mejja.

Barack Jacuzzi Feat Factory DJs – Cheki

When it comes to hard-hitting Trap in the 254, you can always count on Barack Jacuzzi to bring forth his A-game. His beat selection and delivery with the American flow is second to none and now the fans can count on regular releases. ‘Cheki’ is his latest installation that goes ahead to showcase his lyrical arsenal and effortless delivery. Check it out below.

Masterpiece King Feat Khaligraph Jones – Nikupee

If you thought Khaligraph was done with his previous collabo ‘Hao’ that is raking in crazy streams, then you thought wrong. The OG has teamed up with relatively new artist Masterpiece King for this Bongo-infused sound on the jam ‘Nikupee’. The jam sings for the ladies and one of those Tiktok sound type of songs. Check it out below and rate it.

I shoot to the moon because if i miss i land on stars. My Life is Now!! So come join me and we find out the next escapade.