Crispy Fresh! Brand New Music This Week

Another month is upon us and we can celebrate the Covid-19 vaccine landing in the 254. We hope you are keeping safe protecting yourself and your family. Now since the president added an extra three-month curfew, let us build up our playlists. Here’s what’s hot in the 254 now.

Breeder LW Feat Ssaru – Bei Imepanda

Two of the fastest rising stars in the 254 have teamed up for a jam ‘Bei Imepanda’. The two bring their confident A game with bars, flow and ego on the track. They rap about their position in the game and how the price has gone up for shows and features. I am really checking out Ssaru as she is a fresh female voice that is super promising.

Blinky Bill Feat Kommanda Obbs – Terene

Urban legend Blinky Bill has promised to drop a jam every month and so far he is killing it. on this new record ‘Terene’, Kenya meets Lesotho’s Kommanda Obbs. This song is dedicated to an Africa without borders. A train that moves from Lesotho to Nairobi and brings everyone together. I like the versatility in the production but staying distinctively African. You need to gift Blinky his flowers already.

King Kaka – Ganji 

Once again, King Kaka is back to his poetic roots. He brings out two personas of struggling Kenyan youth. Each with a unique set of problems, each trying to live through the day while hustling for money. The Kaka Empire CEO wins with relatable stories in his music and this one has a strong message embedded in it. Check out the brand new video below.

Kappy Feat Master & Boondocks Gang – Ng’ang’o Remix

Gengetone stars Boondocks Gang members are reaching out to new stars and giving them a platform via collaborations. The street anthem ‘Ng’ang’o’ talks about various brands young stars imbibe on while chilling in the hood. This is yet another Sheng class for us as the stars narrate the hood life in their own lingo.

Gwaash Feat Mejja & K4Kanali – Diva Wa Insta

Here’s another collaboration that leaves you smiling once you press play. The trio team up and sing/rap about Instagram girls. They paint a picture of how ladies are selling a fake lifestyle and selling it on the social platform Instagram. You need to have this one on your playlist but grab a pen and paper as the ‘Bad Manners’ hitmaker K4Kanali has some Sheng lessons. Mejja speaks his mind and he creatively paints a picture of what happened on the ground.

I shoot to the moon because if i miss i land on stars. My Life is Now!! So come join me and we find out the next escapade.